Master the art of mobile video editing

Learn The Secrets RobHK Uses To Optimize His Output & Video Quality – Everything Revealed!


Over 7+ Hours of Training

All Essential Course Assets Included

In Depth Video Editing & Explaination

Beginner Friendly & No Prior Experience Necessary

Learn LumaFusion From The Ground Up

Deep Key Frame Learning

Downloadable Project Files

Learn How To Make Sound Design

Media Management & Linking

Get A Peak Inside How RobHK Is Making His Custom Presets

Exclusive Access To Discord Server For Live Support

Complete The Course At Your Own Speed

Applications used in this course:
-Adobe Illustrator/Affinity Photo
(Illustrator/Affinity Photo is not required, but optional. You can finish this course by just using the LumaFusion app)

Tho i recommend getting additional applications to make your editing workflow faster and more enjoyable.

A: Creating precise shape and text layers within lumafusion itself can be hard,
Illustrator allows you to “snap in place” and create precise shapes and vectors with higher resolution.
For more information see FAQ


The Basics of Lumafusion

The basics of LumaFusion.

How everything is set up and how to navigate around in the best possible way.

Organizing our layout to achieve the best workflow.

Understanding the limits to what you can do.

Linking folders for easy access to footage and assets needed for you video

Storage management

Setting up a structured system for importing media and assets to prevent media issues and corrupted files.
-SSD recommended, but not required.

Importing/downloading media & assets

custom graphics

We will be making a custom motion graphics template that we will customize and use in different part of the video.
1 Motion graphic template, multiple uses.


Editing and optimizing a voiceover to create a natural conversation or a storyteller vibe.

Raw edit

Putting together a raw, unfinished version of the video. Step by step from start to finish.

music & sound design

Adding music & sound effects to enhance the visuals. A full step by step version with no interruptions, going through the entire sections of music and sound effects from beginning to end


Tweaking the video to be ready for publish

Adding Motion Graphics, Transitions & other Assets

You will also get an insight on how RobHK makes his products.

New products and signature Motion Graphics will be available in this course.

In this course a similar video to the one you see above will be the topic.
We will recreate the video step by step so you can see and understand the process of making a video that stands out