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This product contains a free demo starter pack for Lumafusion:
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Compatible with Lumafusion on iPad/iPhone

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42 reviews for FREE STARTER PACK

  1. Krnan


  2. John Brian Manigo

    Nice! Thanks mate!

  3. Tory Slippy

    Great stuff!

  4. Muyiwa Donald Jayeola

    I love what you do to help us do great in LumaFusion

  5. smccarthy68

    Thanks this is great!!

  6. Praveen


  7. Luke LSK


  8. Izzat Zakwan


  9. jenson

    Thx ๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿป

  10. fiflores3

    What tier do I need to be to be able to download? I just registered but am not able to access it at my tier.

    • RobHK (store manager)


  11. jason hill


  12. Mahmoud Fadaly (verified owner)

    It keeps saying to me its un supported file and can’t be extracted , so what to do ?

  13. Mahmoud Fadaly (verified owner)

    Its not working on my device
    Its can’t be extracted

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Wouldnโ€™t it be better to send me an email on it so i could try to help:)?

  14. Joe C

    Always coming at us with the freshest and most up-to-date goodies for LumaFusion. Love it.

  15. Frames Bond

    Great product.

  16. ariznurrudin


  17. darh.josh

    I canโ€™tโ€™ add this to my cart.

    • RobHK (store manager)

      You will have to make a user account.

  18. ste.goddard

    Iโ€™m registered and also canโ€™t add to cart.

  19. ste.goddard

    Ignore me, I had an account but not registered. Also, I bought stuff on the previous site, will my purchases show up here? Where is your contact me page ? Cheers.

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Nothing from sellfy will show here.

  20. spammist100

    Account created, and other products could be added to the cart, but not this product

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Register with a user account or any tier above

  21. spammist100 (verified owner)

    Ok I solved the Problem, I was loged in but not registered, now ist works, thanks for your great job and go on

  22. iWillLift

    NVM I got it, thanks so much again for the massive pack!!! Been following for since the beginning

  23. Leopoldo B Ligutom Jr

    I’ve been with this channel for quite some time and i can tell there’s a lot of free stuff here. I am planning to buy the 4/3 animation titles i tried creating my own transistion but it is difficult to save both effect and keyframe as a preset and it will really matters with the kind of video with the number frames as well.

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Thanks a lot for the support Leo!

  24. lanostraartesanal


  25. jorcua (verified owner)

    I answer to myself. I’ve found it.
    Again, thank you so much for your great work, Rob.

  26. Apnea

    Thank you! Your tutorials are super helpfull!

  27. Florentino


  28. tsprenk (verified owner)

    Well done man! Thank you! Your tutorials have been a huge help to me so far on your YouTube channel. I will be purchasing the entire Masterclass series eventually. Thanks again Rob.

  29. Cevi


  30. Nicolas Lasnier


  31. gary

    Hi, where is a 100% off coupon code for this product? after watching that video, I have not found it..

  32. gary (verified owner)

    wow, I found it out, man…thanks

  33. thineshkar d (verified owner)

    Great Thank you!

  34. korlando33

    Awesome man!

  35. Vitor Frornaciari Ramirez

    Great pack

  36. fyrik21 (verified owner)

    cool pack!

  37. alltimecatcher

    Best pack, thanks

  38. Naing Min Htet

    Nice bro It is very good for me
    Thanks for sharing bro

  39. alexandergiblin2002


  40. bartdevries89-0143


  41. Todd Ellefson

    Love all the tutorials!!

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Thanks a lot Todd! Appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Rowan

    Great channel with superb content.

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