Creators Travel LUTs 200+


This bundle contains some of the most popular travel looks around the world, optimized for lumafusion, but still works with other programs as well like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve.

The bundle has been made for and works great with these devices:
iPhone 8 and above
Sony S-Log 2/3
GoPro Hero 5 and above
DJI Osmo Action
DJI FPV Normal & D-Cine
DJI Mavic line Normal/D-Log/D-cine

This lutbundle has been in the making for several months, making color grading easy for all mobile and desktop editors.
We´ve even made Diving and Snorkling filters, just incase you forget to apply your red-filter before jumping into the water, or if you don´t want to spend the money on a filter pack!
We´ve also created the most versatile DJI FPV lutbundle which is included.
This bundle is so good, that we actually considered selling the LUTs seperately!
For more info and preview, please visit our youtube channel and look at the before & after previews in the Product Gallery!

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