ALL PRESETS (Lifetime updates)

(5 customer reviews)


This Bundle contains ALL Lumafusion Presets which is currently listed on the store front.
If you purchase this bundle you will receive all future updates for free via email. One time purchase and all future presets included.

You may experience some duplicates from the different preset packs!

Tip: After downloading and importing to Lumafusion, go to “color & effects and the top right star” check the presets and tap hold on the duplicates and delete. Do the same under “frame & fit and the star on the top right corner”

Music held by Epidemicsound:
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5 reviews for ALL PRESETS (Lifetime updates)

  1. Rossi (verified owner)

    I am lucky to be able to buy this package with a discount, a full package contains thousands of Lumafusion presets, intro template, sound sfx, music, and much more.. complete tutorials with a video on how to set it, thank you Rob ! 🤍 U’re really masterpiece of Lumafusion 🤙🏻

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Thank you for the kind words Rossi! Appreciate the support and glad you enjoyed the bundle 🙂

  2. Bogdan (verified owner)

    Thanks for this incredible package! I really appreciate your work! Best regards

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Thanks a lot for the support Bogdan! Glad you liked the bundle 🙂

  3. Tejang N Sangma (verified owner)

    I spent dollars in Lumafusion presets, Intro templates, Luts, Lower Thirds, and much more but finally during this SUMMER SALE I got 80% OFF discount with BUY ALL ( Lifetime Updates ) Package. This is incredible and I appreciate your work. Thanks RoBHK

  4. Michael Wallasch (verified owner)

    How creative can you be when you buy this bundle? I thought for a long time whether I should do it. Two reasons later became decisive. On the one hand, I wanted to finally force myself to deal seriously with Luma Fusion and, on the other hand, I wanted to support Robin with my purchase, because we can all learn a lot from him in order to present our content better. Thank you for that, Robin.

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Thank you Michael!

  5. juliusdeberryjr

    What is the summer sale and how do we get it?

    • RobHK (store manager)

      Summer sale is over for 2021.

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