the equipment i use

dji mavic air 2s

DJI Mavic Air 2S has become my favorite drone. Its small form factor makes it the perfect travel companion
and with improved motors & props, it barely makes a sound! Get yours here


DJI Mavic air 2s ND filter

With my DJI Mavic Air 2S i'm using the original DJI ND filters included in the Fly More Combo. These ND filters works like a charm!


The most fun i've had in a long time. Easy and ready to fly right out of the box. Perfect for any adventures and easy to bring along. This drone allows me to fly in Normal/Sport or Manual mode, which means i don't always have to bring 2 drones!

pgytech nd filter

With my DJI FPV drone, i'm using the PGYTECHs ND filter set of 4/8/16. ND filters is a must when flying any type of drone, and especially the DJI FPV drone where you need to introduce more motion blur to make the video look better. The only way to do this, is by adding some ND filters. My recommendation: PGYTECH

dji action 2

Many people say bad things about this brand new action camera from DJI. For me, this is a perfect little cube camera which takes up no space, easy to use with DJI's clean interface & i can literally mount it anywhere because of the magnetic housing! My top recommendation for adventure seekers and travelers that need a different angle

sony a7s iii

The beast of Sony mirrorless cameras.

dji ronin sc

Old, but still powerful. This is now the only gimbal i own for bigger cameras. My go to for super smooth cinematic shots. It has detachable parts which make it easy and convenient to bring along to any hikes

TAMRON F/2.8 28-75MM

My go to, most used & favorite lens! It's on the cheaper side, and it's not as sharp as the G Master lenses from Sony. But i always end up using this lens when shooting cinematic travel videos or simple B-Rolls. A lens which every filmmaker should have!

sony f/4 16-35mm

My allround lens for shooting everything which is not categorized as cinematic. A perfect vlog lens with built in stabilization. It's also half the price of the Sony 16-35 G Master lens. The wide 16mm makes it easy to frame myself when vlogging, putting less stress on my arm and the stabilization helps making the video smooth rather than jumpy!

sony f/1.4 24mm GM

My low-light cinematic lens. Tho the Tamron 28-75 is my first choice, this 24mm lens from Sony is SO SHARP! Taking photos and crisp cinematic videos has never been this easy. You often see this lens used in all my studio recordings. It's perfect for low-light which means i don't have to use or spend extra money on lighting.

Røde Wireless GO

The perfect wireless microphone for any shot, wether i want to vlog, capture sound or make a behind the scenes tutorial where my camera is mounted on a tripod, but im moving around.

røde videomic pro+

My main microphone. I've had this for years now and it's just perfect. Fits my voice, easy to adjust & it also has a built in rechargeable battery, which means it will not drraw additional power from your camera. It automatically turns on when i power on my camera, so i never miss my audio!

røde videomic ntg

A newer version of the Videomic Pro+. This has no internal battery you need to charge, but it also turns on with your camera. It has a gain dial at the end which makes this more convenient to use. So instead of going into the camera settings to adjust the gain, you can do this on the microphone itself to get the perfect audio. Tho still being "better", it's my number 2. I think this is because im so used to the Videomic PRO+

joby gorillapod focus

A BIG tripod from JOBY, i believe this is the biggest one they have to offer! I use this with the Focus Ball Head which is a seperate purchase. I've had this tripod for 6 years now and it can take a beating...this is a manspod! The most used tripod out of all tripods i own!


To store all my gear when traveling, i use PGYTECHs OneGo Backpack. One of the most comfy backpacks i've used with easy access to everything. Personally i really like the design and the look of it, especioally the obsidian black!