2 thoughts on “How to tell a story (coming soon)

  1. Hi Rob,
    I have been following you yt tutorials and I must say they have been great so far. Learned so much in such a short time following you vids. I have bought the extreme pack yesterday and there is a vast amount of tools in these downloads.

    I am am an average user when it comes to LF so the amount of tools is a bit overwhelming.

    Do you have any suggestions how to keep track and keep it organized of wat you have provided in the extreme package and which tool to use in different situations? Maybe some tips and tricks for people starting to get more out of their footage such as applying which LUT on certain video footage.

    Thanks for your tutorial videos and keep them coming, these are really Helping out to speed up the learning process!!

    Kind regards
    Lucas Camps

    1. Thanks a lot for that mate👌 Really appreciate it!

      Firstly, you can rename the presets if you like, thata the main way of organizing them yourself. Lumafusion does not have the ability to add presets to the “transition” section at this time. It will come in the future. So for now the best way to organize it is to change the name of the presets yourself.

      What fits for different scenarios is all up to different people and what/how they want to edit their videos

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