2 thoughts on “LumaFusion Masterclass Episode.3 (Mixing framerates)

  1. Rob, is there any difference between 29.97 and 30 FPS? After session 3, I am looking at my footage and have both. Is there any difference or is it just the cameras that were used?

    1. It all lays within the camera, the higher fps you shoot with, the smoother your footage will be as it contains more frames per second.

      The only difference is when you edit the video. If you have both 24 and 30 fps clips on your timeline and you want to use both, that means you wil have to choose a timeline project of 24fps(the lowest fps clip you have).

      If you choose a timeline of 30 and import a 24fps clip, that means the timeline is playing back more frames that there is in the 24clip imported, and that will make stutters to your image as there will be missing frames.

      So i always recommend a timeline of 24fps or 23,98 no matter what and that will allow you to use all different files like, 24/30/60/120 fps on that timeline and you´re also able to apply slowmotion.

      hope this clarifies your question.

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