10 thoughts on “LumaFusion Masterclass Episode.2 (Color Grading & Presets)

  1. Hi Rob,
    which setting am i need in my iPad Pro for color grading. Do I have to turn True Tone on or off?

    1. True color should be off 🙂

      If you think about it like this. Which should be all creators main rule.

      99% are watching videos on their phone or tablet which means the colors should be true to the screen most are watching on. Ipad/iphone. If your grading looks good on either of the devices you should not worry.

  2. Excellent video#2.
    Dear Rob, you did mention that we should first color grade and them use any Lut in case we needed it. But you didnt use any at least in this video. Just to clarify we cant use the Luts first or this is just the right way

    1. Hello Rafael!

      Always color correct first before adding LUTs. LUTs are only applied if you want a certain look to your video. I.eg cinematic or travel look.

      You can of course use LUTs first and then correct, but on export you might have artifacts showing in the form of color tearing (rarely occur)

      By adding a basic color correction first you may only apply a LUT for then to adjust the blending on the LUT to make it look better. This was broken before but has later been fixed after this video.

      But adding correction first to correct the colors and exposure is the way to go, in some cases you wont need to add a LUT after correcting.

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