LumaFusion Presets – Here’s your discount code!

Happy New Year to everyone!
We’ve had a wonderful 2020 despite COVID-19! We’re glad to see so many new Lumafusion users and creators!

As a thank you we want to offer you a coupon of 20% off anything on our website!
Use the code: HUE20 to get 20% off on your cart at checkout

Myself is proud to preset a new line of lower thirds(which is soon to be published)
For the first time, a complete rehaul of our transitions in a single timeline for you to copy and paste like never before!

It is tho, appreciated if you would consider watching some older videos to give me more watchtime? I mean… it’s free right? ^^
This also helps me create more free content for you along with free presets which i would gladly do if my watchtime can pay the bills!


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