The annual July SALE is coming up!

This means up to 90% off on selected presets, new bundles to be released and new combined packs at a cheaper price!

All prices has been adjusted to give YOU a better deal. The “buy all bundle” with and without lifetime updates has been reduced.
The lifetime update bundle has been created so YOU only have to purchase a bundle from RobHK ONCE and never worry about the newest up to date presets again!

If you want the best of the best, we highly suggest the “buy all with lifetime updates”
For the first 10 people getting the “buy all bundle with lifetime updates” and uses the coupon: BUYALL will get an additional 25% off on the current price!

The will be more than 500 presets expected to be released this year with a value of $400 which will be a total of $1100 for all presets. You will get the newly updated price + 25% OFF if you aim to be one of the first 10 to claim the discount!

Check it out here and all the other high quality presets!

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